Duration: 3 Hours
No. of delegates: 6 maximum per course

This course is intended for those who have responsibility for managing sites with the support of staff.
Supervisors/Employees from the all industries would be ideal candidates for this course.
Any employees who wish to learn about handling emergency situations.


Aim: To enable the learner gain knowledge and understand the critical areas to investigate and put control measures in place. This is stringently monitored throughout the day to minimise these risk of fire.

Objectives: The objectives of this training are to give trainees an understanding of:

  1. The importance of handling potential fires & action to be taken
  2. The legal requirements, Health & Safety Legislation
  3. Correct evacuation process
  4. How to tackle fire
  5. The Key Controls in Preventing Fires

Course Contents:

  • Statistics & the Importance of managing emergency situation
  • Key Control Measures in Preventing Fire
  • Identification of high risks, completing Fire Register book
  • Risk Assessment
  • Understanding the Different types of fire extinguishers
  • How to use fire extinguishers
  • Health & Safety Documentation updates
  • Site Management Responsibilities
  • The Role of the Fire Warden
  • First-aid Responder Guidelines
  • Statutory Training Updates
  • Other topics can also be included if relevant to specific operations.

Certification: On successful completion of this course ATSS Safety Services will issue Certificates to each delegate, which are valid for 3 years


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