Duration: 4 Hours
No. of delegates: 10 maximum per course

This course is intended for those who have responsibility for managing food safety, those who prepare food by way of preparation, service of food, handling and storage.
Employees from the hotel and catering industry would be ideal candidates for this course. Any employees whose job entails the handling of food or food preparation.


Aim: To gain knowledge of the legislation covering Food Hygiene and the HACCP system and to study the risks involved with food handling and how to minimise these risks.

Objectives: The objectives of the training are to give trainees an understanding of:

  1. The importance of food hygiene
  2. The legal requirements
  3. Bacterial contamination
  4. Correct food storage and delivery method
  5. Hygienic food preparation
  6. The importance of personal hygiene
  7. The importance of workplace hygiene
  8. The basic principles of HACCP
  9. Complaints/Return policy/Sickness policy

Course Contents:

  • Legal requirements for ensuring safe food for the consumer
  • Food Hygiene:- Food Poisoning, Bacteria, Temperatures
  • Food Contamination:- Bacteria Sources, Traceability of food & Identification of high risk foods, Physical, Chemical and Bacterial Contamination
  • Food Delivery & Storage:- Food Suppliers, Deliveries, Inspection, Storage
  • Storage, Dry Goods, Refrigeration, Freezer, Temperatures
  • Food Preparation:- Defrosting, Cooling, Temperatures, Food Poisoning/food labelling
  • Personal Hygiene:- Definition, Importance, the Law, Requirements
  • Hygiene of Premises:- Rodents, Insects & Pest Control, Enforcement Officers, waste control
  • Cleaning:- Reasons, Definitions, Safety, Equipment, Steps
  • Legal Requirement for HACCP/Introduction to HACCP
  • Main points in controlling HACCP in developing, maintaining & controlling HACCP system
  • Complaints Procedure/Return policy/Sickness Policy
  • Other topics can also be included if relevant to specific operations.

Certification: On successful completion of this course ATSS Safety Services will issue Certificates to each delegate, which are valid for 3 years


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